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Adding the Frames

Designing the frames
First of all the original Alacrity had to be redesigned; this was done right at the beginning before I fitted the new nose section shown in the previous post. Although I was happy with the original boat I thought that there were improvements that could be made:

The boat could be shortened; That long fine bow wasn't really necessaryBetter performance in a following sea - by increasing the volume under the quarterHigher top end speed through increasing the volume beneath the gunwales to give higher Prismatic Coefficient (the existing pinched plan of the gunwales was fixed) These changes incorporate the lessons learned in the last seven years since the original was built. The renascent boat came out like this:
Maximizing the volume, particularly in the stern had given this boat tumble-home in the quarter.

Plotting the Frames
The boat shown above was created on "Freeship" a marine architecture program that models hulls.
The outer dimensions of the frames c…

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