Finishing the paddle

Out of sequence
The last post ended with a photograph of the filler setting in the recess at the paddle tip, and this post as promised begins with the result:
What I failed to add at that time was that the filler was added when the paddle had been fully planed to shape through a whole series of secondary bevels which were not shown.
The tip was left a week to cure thoroughly before I began sanding with 80 grit paper, anything less brings me out in an epoxy rash from the still active dust from the tips:
Then through 120 grit the paddle was finished on something like 300:
Two overlapping layers of 6 oz glass cloth were cut for each side of each tip of the paddle, so that eight pieces were cut in all.
Which in place looked like this:
What is not clear is how the glass fabric fully covered the filler at the ends, most of which will remain in place to give very strong ends which should stand up to alot of abuse.
Then the filler coat was added:
And the excess trimmed etc
Then after standing a week and alot of sanding and polishing, then oiling with Deks Oljie the paddle was complete. Test paddle in next post.


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