The paddle in progress

Shaping the blank
The last post showed the blank after having the tapers cut with a band saw to create the crude outline of the blades:
In order to do this I had to plane two edges square to each other so that the band saw cutting would be accurate, then the blade surfaces had to be planed again to eliminate any twist in the cutting process.
Winding Sticks!
The next photo shows just how much had been removed from the blank this far:
A jack plane was used to true the surfaces. It's great working by the back lane as you get to chat to passers by.

Then I put a ply former cut to the shape of the paddle on top of the planed blank and pencil round to give me the plan of the paddle. I have a number of these that I have made over the years and often they can be adjusted to the shape of the paddle I am making. You can see how I will be adding a bit of length to the former used in the previous paddle for the same person, as the loom etc will be the same.
A new paddle in its raw shape comes off the band saw. The fact that I know it is square gives a proper foundation to the next stage.

The next post will show how the complex three dimensional shape is put into the stick.


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